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Account and Authorization

Can the owner/administrator manage other users' occupied space and other permissions?

The owner of the product can manage the usage rights of other users for the product.

Long press on the device and select 'Settings ->Member Management' to restrict the permissions and occupied space of bound members, including available space restrictions and allowing the use of personal/public space.

How does the product owner transfer ownership of the device

Long press on the device and select 'Settings ->Member Management ->Transfer Ownership of this Node' to transfer ownership of the product to the specified user account.

What are the differences in the member types of Weline intelligent hardware products?

Please refer to the following table for details:

  1. Device Permission Table
Set charging items
Node configuration
Remote management (including Samba and DLNA)
View device members
Delete device member
Manage user space (size, permissions)
Appointment and revocation of admin
Delete admin
Edit profile, avatar, cover
Sharing devices
View traffic details
Modify device name
Change the payment party for traffic fees
Device space management, formatting
Clear userdata
  1. Default Space Authorization
Permission TypeOwnerAdminUserExternal User
Personal Space
Public Space (Read)
Public Space (Write)
External Storage (Read)
External Storage (Write)
Group Space (use)
Group Space (Create)

Can I change the name and other information of Weline's intelligent hardware product?

Users can change the product name, icon, introduction, background image, and other information on their own.

Name change method: enter the device homepage, click "Settings ->Modify Node Name/Modify remark Name", enter a new name, and click OK. There is a character limit for changing the product name. Please follow the regulations.

Introduction change method: Long press the device, select "Change avatar / conver / summary", and you can change the product avatar, cover, and introduction information. Click OK to take effect.

Can I change my username?

Users can customize their username.

Enter 'Me', click on the avatar position above, and enter the 'Personal Information' page where users can customize their nickname.

Can I customize my avatar?

Users can customize their avatars.

Go to 'Me', click on the avatar position above, and enter the 'Personal Information' page. Users can customize the avatar.

After logging in with a third-party account, I don't remember the login password I set. What should I do?

Since sensitive operations or protocols like samba may require the user to know the password for logging into the Weline App, please set a login password after logging in with a third-party account to Weline.

If you forget the login password you set, you can also use the "Forgot Password" feature on the Weline login screen to handle this issue.

Please note: To use the "Forgot Password" feature, first go to "My", click on the avatar at the top, and bind your phone or email to avoid issues with not receiving the verification code.

Why don't I receive the verification code when I register with my email?

Different email service providers have different filtering rules. If you can't find the verification code in your "Inbox", please check the "Spam" folder to see if there are any emails from "". It's possible that our verification email address was mistakenly identified by the email service provider.