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How to copy computer files to Weline intelligent hardware products?

There are two ways to copy computer files to Weline intelligent hardware products:

  1. Using a computer client to access Weline intelligent hardware products, currently supported Windows systems are Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit/64bit) and above (due to compatibility issues with virtual network card drivers, Windows 7 and below versions cannot support).
  2. Access the "My Space" and "Public Space" folders of Weline intelligent hardware products through the Samba service on your computer.

Why is offline download slow?

The actual download speed of the offline download function depends on the popularity of download resources and the network environment where the product is located. The operator's networking method may lead to poor download performance.

How to use Samba?

  1. To ensure user privacy and data security, users can only access the "My Space", "Public Space"folders under their personal name through the Samba service.
  2. Samba connection method can refer to the prompts on the Weline App page

What is "safe"? What are the functions?

A safe is an encrypted folder used to store your confidential private data. All data stored in the safe will be encrypted, and without a password, no one can log in to the safe or view the files inside.

How to set a safe password?

When entering the safe for the first time, a password setting operation will be prompted. You can only enter the safe after setting a password and finding a security issue with one password.

If you forget all of the safe password or security issues, you will not be able to enter the safe or retrieve your personal data. Please remember the safe password and security answer to avoid losing important data.

What is the reason why the image on my Weline intelligent hardware product cannot be opened properly?

The image formats currently supported for preview of Weline intelligent hardware products are as follows: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp, tiff, tif, heic. If it is not in the above image format, you can download it locally and open it for viewing using other third-party applications.

What is the reason why the document for my Weline intelligent hardware product cannot be opened properly?

When viewing documents in the Weline Intelligent Hardware Product APP, third-party tool software is called, or you can download it locally and then view it.

What is the reason why the music on my Weline intelligent hardware product cannot play properly?

The audio formats currently supported by Weline intelligent hardware products are as follows:

mp3, wma, flac, ogg, wav, mpa, m4a, aac, ape

The system defaults to opening the audio files in the above format from the built-in player. If your phone or computer has a default playback program set up, it needs to support the above audio formats. If the default program of the phone does not support this audio format, it is necessary to call another player for playback. Open online is not supported for audio formats other than the above.

What is the reason why my Weline intelligent hardware product video cannot be played properly?

The video formats currently supported by Weline intelligent hardware products are as follows: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, TS, M2TS.

Weline comes with a player to open the video files in the above format.

Not in the above video format, opening online is not supported. You can download it locally and open it for viewing using third-party applications.

When I use my computer to upload files, if the computer automatically shuts down, will the files still be uploaded automatically?

If the computer is on standby while uploading files, the uploaded files will be suspended from transmission. Please click Upload again in the upload list when the computer is back in use, so that the file can continue to be uploaded.

I am using the deduplication function, but some files with different file names are treated as duplicate files. Is this accurate?

In a large number of files, sometimes there may be files with different names but the same content, and it is impossible to distinguish them solely by file names. The Weline intelligent hardware product uses the MD5 hash algorithm to ensure that a large number of data files do not have duplicate files. Please rest assured to use it. If you are concerned about duplicate files, it is recommended that you browse before deleting the document to ensure that it is not accidentally deleted.

How does Smart TV use the SAMBA service?

Confirm that Smart TV network and Weline intelligent hardware products are in the same LAN.

Method for setting up SAMBA on mobile devices:

  1. On the homepage of Weline's intelligent hardware products, select "SAMBA" to enter;
  2. Enable Samba protocol;

How Smart TV uses SAMBA:

Please refer to the samba access mode of Smart TV products for configuration.

What do the networks and nodes on the Weline APP mean?

Network refers to a virtual network created through Weline, which connects terminals and nodes located in different locations in the same virtual local area network through SDVN technology, thereby achieving cross regional networking capabilities.

Nodes refer to hardware products that support Weline, such as nas, cameras, etc. The number of bound nodes will be displayed in the node list (only for nodes within the current network).

How do I access Samba on a Mac?

  1. You need to set the password on the device homepage, application, and SAMBA of the Weline app
  2. In the Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Connect to Server.
  3. Type the network address for the computer or server in the Server Address field.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Select how you want to connect to the Mac:
  • Registered User: Connect to the other Mac using a valid login name and password.

Where is the actual storage directory for photo backups and phone book backups in Weline?

The 'Photo Backup' function will save all backed up photos in the same directory on the phone in 'My Space'.

The 'Address Book Backup' file is stored in my space for security reasons. These files will be hidden on the APP UI and can only be restored through the 'Address Book Backup' function. Users are not allowed to view or edit them in smart hardware products.

Does the Weline IOS app not have WeChat backup function?

Due to the permission control of the IOS operating system, Weline is unable to obtain data from third-party applications, so the "WeChat backup" function cannot be provided.

IPhone uploads photos, but the images are all gray and cannot be selected?

This is because the image is saved on icloud and needs to be downloaded locally by clicking on the cloud tag in the upper right corner of the image before it can be uploaded to the Weline intelligent hardware product normally.

What does Weline's node configuration mean?

Network sharing refers to providing access to network resources located at the site of Weline intelligent hardware products (such as at home) to remote owners, enabling them to remotely access network resources like cameras and printers at home, even when traveling, just as if they were at home.

Can colleagues within the department use Weline to manage files?

Yes, Weline provides the function of group space. Colleagues in the department can join the same group space. The group administrator can also set the permissions of different members, such as only viewing but not modifying, and no non group member can view the files saved in the group space.

What should I do if I want to share the files saved in Weline's smart hardware product with others?

If you need to share data with others, there are several ways to do so:

Share the Weline intelligent hardware product with others: That is, directly invite others to bind the Weline intelligent hardware product that needs to share files, and then save the files in the "public space" or "group space". Users with access can access the files.

Suitable for scenarios that require frequent file sharing among a fixed audience.

File sharing: Generate a "sharing QR code" for the specified file through the Weline client. Other users can use the Weline client to scan or input the "sharing code" to obtain the file and download it to their own Weline intelligent hardware product.

Suitable for occasional situations where files need to be shared with others, using file sharing requires the recipient to have a Weline intelligent hardware product.

Does Samba support anonymous account access?

Considering the data security saved in user devices, Weline's Samba protocol does not provide access to anonymous accounts, to prevent the malicious acquisition of private data.

Why can't I log in to TimeMachine with an email account?

The TimeMachine feature in macOS does not support logging in with an email-formatted account. Therefore, if you want to use a Weline smart hardware device as the TimeMachine backup storage for your Mac computer, please register for a Weline account using a mobile phone number.