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Device Access and Networking

Why can't mobile apps connect to smart hardware products?

The Weline app uses SDVN technology to achieve remote access for users to intelligent hardware products, which requires the use of VPN services such as mobile phones and computers. When there is an inability to connect, it is possible that the VPN connection service establishment has failed. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. The mobile end does not support opening two VPNs at the same time. If other VPNs have been opened before, they need to be closed first;
  2. When logging in to the Weline app, there is a VPN pop-up prompt. Please select OK and turn on the VPN function on your phone to allow the app to successfully access the product;
  3. Go to the "Settings" section of your phone, find VPN related options, check and ensure that the Weline VPN function is enabled;
  4. Check and ensure that the MAC address filtering function is turned off in the configuration of the WiFi router, or manually add the product MAC address to the trusted list when the MAC address filtering function is turned on. The MAC address of the product can be queried in the current connected device status of the router.

Why is my upload and download speed slow?

ifferent broadband operators, different network bandwidth, different router brands and models, as well as different network topology layouts and device settings, can all affect data transmission rates. To ensure fast and stable transmission, it is recommended that users choose a home broadband of over 100M, dual gigabit routers, and CAT6 network cables (Category 6 twisted pair) to connect to Weline intelligent hardware products. Some brands and specific models of mobile phones may have limitations on data transfer rate. Please use other phones for data transfer.

Is the upload and download speed particularly slow when my computer, TV, or phone is in the same internal network WIFI environment?

If the Weline intelligent hardware product and terminal are in the same internal network, and if the speed is found to be slow, the first step is to confirm whether they are really in the same router, because there are also multi-layer network situations in the same home network. For example, the optical cat itself comes with a route, nested routes or multiple routes below. Secondly, the bandwidth of routers in home networks is also one of the determining factors. Weline intelligent hardware products provide gigabit network ports, which need to be matched with dual gigabit routing (both LAN and WIFI support gigabit). When using wireless, the distance between the terminal and the router, as well as the frequency band used (2.4G or 5G), can also affect the network.

Common solutions:

  1. Please ensure that the Weline intelligent hardware product is on the top-level routing or directly connected to the optical cat;
  2. The distance between the terminal and the router is appropriate;
  3. Please use 5G WiFi;
  4. Under the same router;
  5. Some routers have lower configurations, and the cache is already full after long-term use, resulting in slower speeds. Please restart and clear the cache;
  6. Check if there are many devices occupying household bandwidth at the same time.

Is my upload and download speed slow in an external WIFI environment?

Firstly, it is necessary to confirm the bandwidth of the external network WIFI. In public places, WIFI is shared by multiple people, and the speed of distribution to individuals depends on the number of people used at the time and the total bandwidth. You need to first check the maximum speed of the downlink and uplink using speed measurement software.

Next, check whether the current status of home bandwidth is normal. If the bandwidth is normal, the inter network settlement and cross network management between different operators may also affect network speed. If it is in an office environment, the company's security protection may also limit this connection. So you can use a 4G/5G phone to verify the speed at that time. If it is normal, it indicates that the current WIFI network environment is causing speed limitations.

Is remote access slow when I am using 4G/5G traffic?

First, please confirm whether the current 4G/5G network signal is normal. Next, you need to confirm whether the uplink and downlink speeds of home broadband are normal.

Weline intelligent hardware products provide network transmission services, selecting the relatively optimal network transmission service based on the customer's network environment and location. In the case of network adaptation, better network speed will be achieved, but due to the significant differences in the objective environment of each customer, there will not be a unified rate standard. The actual speed will be determined by the customer's broadband operator, terminal equipment operator, home broadband restrictions, network topology, router characteristics, firewall strategy, mobile phone, Computer performance performance and other comprehensive factors.

The download of Weline intelligent hardware products through 4G/5G connection under home broadband actually uses the uplink bandwidth of home broadband. Usually, the theoretical value of uplink bandwidth is only about one tenth of the downlink bandwidth, and the actual effective bandwidth may be lower. If the downlink bandwidth of a home broadband is 100Mb/S, usually the uplink bandwidth is 10Mb/S. So considering the actual effectiveness, it is about a few hundred KB/S of real availability. If the rate is lower than this, it may be due to the upstream bandwidth of the home being occupied by other devices, or due to shared broadband in the community, the bandwidth is limited at this time. You can test it again at another time.

Why am I unable to connect to Weline intelligent hardware products within the local area network?

Due to the different router products used in different LANs and the impact of router settings, Weline intelligent hardware products cannot be connected correctly.

When there is a failure to connect to Weline intelligent hardware products within the local area network, please check the relevant settings of the router. If the UPnP setting of the router affects access, it is recommended to turn it off; If the MAC address of the router is filtered, it is recommended to include the MAC address of Weline intelligent hardware products.

I am unable to connect to Weline's intelligent hardware products using a computer client in a hotel?

Due to network restrictions in the hotel or the use of VPN technology for networking, the Weline APP encountered conflicts and was unable to log in normally when connecting to the VPN.

Due to the complex and diverse network environment of the hotel, specific questions can be consulted with the hotel to find the cause of the problem.

Did I fail to log in to the WIN7 system computer client at the company?

Weline intelligent hardware products support login in various network environments, but if there are network restrictions, successful login cannot be achieved. If you find that the client login is unsuccessful, it may be due to the following reasons. Please communicate with the network administrator or change the corresponding network settings:

  1. If the company accesses the internet through a whitelist, it cannot access virtual network services. Please set the Weline client to allow internet access.
  2. If the network settings restrict UDP and the SDVN DLT connection cannot be established, please change the network settings.

After connecting my computer to Cisco VPN, Weline is unable to function properly?

If you use two VPNs at the same time, there may be conflicts, causing the Weline client to not be able to start normally. Therefore, please do not open both VPN enabled client programs at the same time.

After running the Weline app, other apps on your phone cannot be connected to the internet?

This situation may be caused by enabling incorrect settings or specifying a certain intelligent hardware product as an internet transit. Please refer to the following methods to check and try again:

  1. Weline APP, My → Settings → Advanced Settings → Leakproof, please make sure it is closed
  2. Long press and hold the Weline intelligent hardware product. In the pop-up menu, there is a "Select this node" at the top. Please make sure it is turned off

What does the direct highway on Weline mean?

Weline adopts SDVN virtual network technology, which can establish a virtual direct link between user terminals and Weline's intelligent hardware products, thereby achieving high-speed and secure access across regions and networks. After establishing a direct connection between the terminal and Weline intelligent hardware products, the "direct connection" label can be seen on the device list.

  • Having high-speed identification: It means that the current connection between your terminal and intelligent hardware products is point-to-point direct, belonging to the high-speed link state

  • No high-speed identification: This means that your terminal and intelligent hardware products currently rely on the intermediate communication of cloud nodes, and their network speed is relatively slow compared to the "direct connection" state. Please rest assured that all your network communication data is encrypted when transmitted in SDVN, so even if the data passes through the cloud node's transit, the transit node cannot read the content of the data

How can I improve the direct connection success rate and network transmission speed of Weline access devices?

Due to the actual conditions of the physical network, there may be situations where high-speed direct connections cannot be established. Therefore, we suggest that users optimize your network environment as follows to improve access network speed.

For Weline hardware products:

  1. It is strongly recommended to connect the device to the following network bandwidth environment: 500Mbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream. Following this suggestion can maximize the network response speed of the device.
  2. Please set the "UPNP" option of the higher-level router where the device is connected to the network to the "on" state.
  3. It is strongly recommended to connect the device to the primary router at home. The closer it is to the optical cat, the faster the network response speed of the device.
  4. It is recommended to set the network bandwidth line at home to a "public IP address". In fact, many telecom operators allocate bandwidth lines to you based on "intranet IP addresses". If you are unsure if your home line is a "public IP address", you can call the operator to inquire and ask them to configure your bandwidth line as a "public IP address". If the device can operate within the network bandwidth environment of the "public IP address", the network response speed can reach the fastest.

For Weline clients:

It is recommended to connect in a WIFI environment to improve the success rate of direct connections.

Can I access Weline intelligent hardware products from other countries while I am abroad? How is the internet speed?

Weline's SDVN technology supports global free access capabilities, allowing users to access their Weline intelligent hardware products anytime, anywhere using any terminal. So whether you are in any country, you can access your home's Weline intelligent hardware products.

The network speed of cross-border access is limited by the actual physical network environment. When a direct connection is established, the network speed is close to the same as the speed experience within the same country, and it can also reach speeds of 200-500KB in non direct connection environments.

Generally, on the Weline intelligent hardware product equipped with two network ports, these two network ports will support the link aggregation function.

Link aggregation does not need to be configured. It only needs to connect two network ports to the same router or switch, and it will take effect automatically.

Please also check with your product manufacturer whether the Link aggregation function is supported.

How to Set a Static IP for Weline Smart Hardware Products?

For Weline smart hardware products that support setting a static IP, you can assign a specific local IP address based on your needs. This ensures applications like SAMBA don't need to query the current local IP address of the device each time they access it.

Here's how to set a static IP:

  1. Press and hold the device, and click "Settings" in the pop-up menu.


  1. Click "LAN IP Settings"


  1. Choose "Manually Network Configuration" and enter the desired IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS information. When you switch to "Manually Network Configuration", the IP address listed in the input box is the current IP information obtained by the device through DHCP. You can modify it as needed.

Note: Please ensure you enter the correct IP address; otherwise, the device might lose its internet connection, preventing the Weline App from accessing the device. If there is a configuration error, you can reset the settings using the reset button on the Weline smart hardware product. This button will reset the device's IP back to DHCP mode.


  1. After configuring the IP address, click "OK" to complete the static IP setup.