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Device Binding and Unbinding

Why does scanning the code on startup prompt that the node is not online

There are usually two situations when not online:

Scenario 1: The device has not completed system startup

Before performing the scan code binding operation, please make sure that the status light of the Weline intelligent hardware product is always on, which indicates that the product has been started and completed.

Scenario 2: Network issues

Please refer to [Here](#Why does binding a device fail?) for the processing method.

How to bind smart hardware products that support Weline?

  1. You can only bind smart hardware products that support Weline through the mobile app.
  2. Install and open the Weline app on your phone, then log in and click on the scan function in the upper right corner of the app homepage to start binding the product.

Why does binding a device fail?

If the user fails to bind the device, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Can the router connected to the device access the external network.
  2. Is the device connected to the router. If the device indicator light is flashing blue, please be patient and wait for 1-2 minutes. Network connection configuration will take time.
  3. Is the phone and device on the same router's local area network.
  4. Please check if the uPnP option in the router configuration is turned on. Turning on this option for certain brands and models may cause the device to be unable to bind.
  5. If the app prompts that the device has been bound by another user, it will prompt that the binding has failed.

Other binding failure reasons:

  1. If you are using an optical cat router provided by an operator, you will need an additional regular router to connect the device. Please connect the regular router to the optical cat router first, then connect the device to the regular router, and then perform the device binding operation.
  2. If the router you are using supports dual band WiFi, please try switching between 2.4G or 5G WiFi connections before rebinding the device.
  3. If you are using a Mesh router, please switch to a pure router and rebind the device.
  4. If unable to bind properly, please try restarting the intelligent hardware product.

How to share the product with other users?

Weline intelligent hardware product owners and administrators can share the product with family or friends for use. Ordinary users cannot share intelligent hardware products with others.

The process of sharing product operations is as follows:

  1. Open the mobile client, long press the "->Sharing Node" of the smart hardware product, click the "Enable Sharing" button, generate the "Invitation QR Code", and then have family or friends use the app to directly scan this invitation QR code for device sharing binding. If family or friends are in a different location, you can save and send a screenshot of the invitation QR code.

  2. Please ask family or friends to download, install, register, and log in to the Weline app. Click on "Scan" in the upper left corner, and then scan the "Invitation QR Code" on the manager's phone, or "Add Album" the saved "Invitation QR Code" image sent by the manager to new users. After recognition, bind it.

  3. For security reasons, when generating the invitation QR code, you can choose "Verification is required when adding nodes". Once a user scans the code and binds, a confirmation notification message will appear in the "My ->Message Bar in the upper right corner". After clicking 'pass', the user's binding operation can be allowed.

If the user unbinds the product, will all data be deleted?

The unbinding operation can be divided into two scenarios: owner and user (ordinary user and administrator) unbinding.

When ordinary users unbind products, they are required to enter "Confirm Unbinding", then unbind and delete the user's personal data.

When the product owner unbinds, they are required to enter "confirm unbinding", then unbind and delete all users' personal data.

We suggest that you backup your personal data in advance before unbinding the product.

What do I need to do to restart or shut down the device?

Please open the Weline APP software, long press the device, select "Settings ->Restart/Safe Shutdown" to perform the restart operation.

If the user wants to restart the device, they can unplug and unplug the power supply (for products without a power button) or press the power button (for products with a power button) to restart the product.

If you want to achieve remote power on, you can use a smart socket, plug the Weline intelligent hardware product into the smart socket, and use the smart socket app to achieve remote power on of the device.