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What operating systems does Weline support?

Weline supports Android phones/tablets (Android 6.0 and above systems), Apple phones (iOS 10 and above systems), computers (Windows 7 and above systems), Apple computers (macOS 10.12 and above systems), Smart TV (Android 5.0 and above systems) and other clients.

Where can I download the Weline client?

You can visit here Download and install mobile phone (Android, iOS), computer (Windows, macOS) and Smart TV client software.

Can Weline intelligent hardware products be rooted? Can I brush the firmware myself?

Weline intelligent hardware products do not support root and cannot firmware themselves. If any product usage issues or repairs arise as a result, Weline, the product manufacturer, or seller shall not assume any responsibility, nor will they repair the product free of charge during the warranty period.

Why does Weline use the phone's VPN?

VPN is a remote access technology that facilitates remote access from a client to a server by encrypting data packets and transforming the destination address of the packets. In the context of Weline, the client refers to the Weline client program, while the server refers to Weline's smart hardware products.

To enable users to access remotely from the internet, Weline employs SDVN technology to establish an encrypted communication tunnel from the client to the server. Due to the constraints of mobile operating systems, the SDVN technology used by Weline must invoke the mobile VPN service to send encrypted network data packets from the phone to Weline's smart hardware products.

During a communication process from a Weline App to a Weline smart hardware product, the network data packets are sent from the phone to the Weline smart hardware product after high-intensity encryption. Only the Weline App and the Weline smart hardware product know the encryption key. Thus, anyone intercepting this encrypted data packet will be unable to decrypt it, let alone read the plaintext data inside.

Therefore, when installing the Weline App for the first time, please agree to grant VPN permissions. There's no need to worry that your VPN is connected elsewhere or that your data will be stolen by someone else.

Of course, if you just want to access your smart hardware products through a local area network, that's fine. You can also use the SAMBA protocol to access your smart hardware products. For information on how to use the SAMBA protocol, you can refer to FAQ > Application.

Why does Weline require account registration?

Like other products, using Weline software and its accompanying smart hardware products requires account registration to ensure full functionality and user experience. Through an account, Weline can assist you in:

  • Registering an account allows us to better serve you, for example, enabling your smart hardware products to connect to SDVN's distributed network, ensuring you can freely and securely access your home-based smart hardware products from anywhere in the world.
  • Registering an account effectively protects your account security, preventing malicious use or theft by others.
  • Registering an account allows you to better interact, communicate, and share hardware products or photos with other users.
  • Registering an account helps us understand your needs and feedback better, providing you with improved customer service and support.

Are there security risks in registering with Weline?

The user information required by Weline during account registration is much less than other internet products. We don't need your address, credit card information, gender, identity ID, etc. To better serve you, we need to create a unique user ID for you using your email or phone number. We will only save your email or phone number. We neither need nor can access any other data, and it will not be stored on any of our servers.

If you have further concerns about personal privacy risks, please review our privacy policy.

Error reporting during installation of Weline PC client: 'error lauching installer'

This is due to the inconsistency between the interface language of Windows and non Unicode programming languages. The processing method is as follows:

Taking Windows 11 as an example:

  1. Start ->Settings ->Time and Language ->Manage Language Settings

  2. Change System Locale ->Change the current System Locale to Chinese (Simplified, Chinese)

  3. After confirmation, restart the computer and install again

What access methods does Weline's intelligent hardware product support?

Weline intelligent hardware provides multiple ways for users to access:

  • Weline client: Users can access intelligent hardware products through Weline clients on various operating system platforms. When using the Weline client, all your network communication data is encrypted and transmitted with high security, and your intelligent hardware product can be remotely accessed at any time and anywhere.
  • Samba: Through the SMB protocol, data upload and download from terminals to intelligent hardware products are achieved. SAMBA can only be accessed through a local area network.
  • DLNA: A terminal that supports DLNA, which can directly discover intelligent hardware products displayed on the operating system in the form of "media servers", and can directly read and play media files saved in the intelligent hardware products online. DLNA can only be accessed through a local area network.

Can I use a browser to access Weline intelligent hardware products?

No, Weline intelligent hardware products do not support browser based web access.

Why can't I see the phone numbers or email addresses of device members on the Weline interface?

To protect user privacy, we do not display the phone number or email address you provided during registration to other users. Instead, we use nicknames as your identity in Weline.