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Weline Module

The Weline software product consists of three major systems:

1. Weline Server

Weline Server is an operating system running within intelligent hardware products, which assigns different functions to intelligent hardware products through this software. Through Weline Server, linkage and centralized management of hardware products within different Weline ecosystems can also be achieved, achieving decentralized and secure home/personal/enterprise Smart IoT application scenarios.

2. Weline Client

The Weline Client runs on a user's terminal, such as a computer or mobile phone. All user interactions with intelligent hardware products, as well as interactions with different resources in the Weline ecosystem, are completed by the Weline Client. The Weline Client can also be seen as an entry point for users to enter the Weline ecosystem.

3. Weline Network Service

Weline Network Service is a distributed network service based on SDVN technology. Through this service, it achieves the free and secure communication capabilities of Weline Client Weline Server, Weline Client Weline Client, and all software and hardware products integrated with Network Service services within the entire Weline ecosystem.