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Weline Overview

Multi Storage Space

Weline divides the data space into three categories to meet the availability management of data among different audiences.

  • My space: used to save personal data, all data that you don't want to be seen by others can be stored here

  • Public space: used to store data that can be shared among all bound users, this is an open and freely accessible data space

  • Group space: used to store data shared within a small group, only members within the group can access it

In addition, the data can also be operated through * "external storage" * when connected to the Portable storage device, USB flash disk, etc. of Weline intelligent hardware products through USB.

Intelligent Data Management

Weline will automatically recognize the data stored on the local hard drive and intelligently classify it, thereby enabling users to easily and quickly access different types of data.

The data is divided into four categories based on type:

  • Image: Similar to a mobile photo album, it can be browsed according to the timeline of year, month, and day

  • Video: supports online playback or download to mobile phones and computers

  • Audio: supports online playback or download to mobile phones and computers

  • Documents: Considering the frequency of using commonly used document formats, in the summary and classification of documents, specific classifications have been automatically made for doc, xls, ppt, and pdf, making it easy to find

Users can also easily clean up duplicate files in intelligent hardware products through the * "de duplication" * function, reducing unnecessary space occupation.

*Data intelligent classification supports filtering specified folders to avoid unnecessary data files appearing in the filtered classification.

*Built in artificial intelligence engine AI photo classification, soon to be launched

Data Sharing

Users can easily and freely share the data saved in Weline's intelligent hardware products with others.

Public sharing

  • Through public or group spaces, it is easy to share data between bound users of the same intelligent hardware product

Private sharing

  • Internal sharing (within the Weline ecosystem): The data to be shared will be automatically generated into a QR code. After scanning the code through the Weline client, the recipient can download the shared data normally
  • Link sharing (Weline ecosystem external sharing): Users can share data with recipients in the form of "URL+extraction code". The recipient does not need to install the Weline client, but only needs to open the link on the browser to download the shared data

Security restrictions

  • Security settings such as access times and expiration dates can be set for data sharing to avoid unlimited and unrestricted misuse of data.

Data Synchronization and Backup

Weline's data synchronization and backup functions can effectively solve the contradiction between limited terminal storage space and unlimited data generation, and perfectly avoid the privacy and security risks of public cloud disk products.

Computer data synchronization and backup

  • Data synchronization: To achieve data synchronization between multiple computers and Weline intelligent hardware products, thereby achieving data consistency between multiple computers and improving efficiency.

  • Data backup: Automatically backup important data files. Once the data is updated, it will be automatically backed up and saved on Weline intelligent hardware products, without worrying about data loss caused by computer damage or loss

Time machine

Supports the unique backup function of the Apple ecosystem, making it easy to save data from Apple terminals in Weline intelligent hardware products and restore them at any time

Album backup

Automatic backup for mobile photo albums, freeing up phone storage space

Address book backup

Automatically save the phone address book in Weline intelligent hardware products to ensure the security of contact information

WeChat backup

Weline client supports automatic backup of WeChat data saved on Android phones to Weline intelligent hardware products

*Due to IOS permission control, the WeChat data backup function on the iPhone is not supported.

Data synchronization between Weline intelligent hardware products

In addition to synchronizing terminal data with Weline's intelligent hardware products, Weline also supports synchronization between multiple intelligent hardware products, achieving multi device backup of important data, and improving data disaster tolerance capabilities.

Public Cloud Synchronization

Weline supports data synchronization between public cloud, allowing users to easily synchronize and save data from the public cloud to their Weline intelligent hardware products, and vice versa.

Offline Download

Weline intelligent hardware products have built-in offline download tools that support multiple download methods such as links and seeds, allowing you to download your favorite resources anytime, anywhere.

Lightning Transfer

Through flash transmission, users can share the data existing in Weline intelligent hardware products with more users in a safe and fast manner.

When certain files need to be shared with more users and multiple users download the same file at the same time, each Weline intelligent hardware product executing the task will be both a downloader and an uploader, thus achieving faster and more efficient data download.

*This feature is only effective within the Weline ecosystem


The Weline intelligent hardware product has a safe function for storing important data files.

Only by entering the correct password can data in the safe be accessed.


A notebook that is completely saved by users themselves, and any important content can be stored in their own independent notebook, without fear of security leaks from cloud based note taking tools.

Text, videos, and images can all be recorded in a personal notebook, and only oneself can access them. More important content can also be re encrypted through the notebook to improve security level.


Docker endows Weline's intelligent hardware products with richer playability. With a fully graphical operating interface, users can easily deploy various Docker application services on it.

Network Sharing

Network sharing refers to providing access to network resources located at the site of Weline intelligent hardware products (such as at home) to remote owners, enabling them to remotely access network resources like cameras and printers at home, even when traveling, just as if they were at home.