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Powerful Features

  • The Weline Client provides rich features to meet users' various needs for data management, usage, and networking.

Easy to Use

  • One stop operation, all functions can be operated and implemented on the APP
  • The APP supports various terminal operations, covering various mainstream operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Easy to use, WYSIWYG, no complex configuration

Privacy Security

  • All user data is saved on the local smart hardware product hard drive, and the data of different accounts is isolated from each other. Even the owner cannot view the data stored by other bound users
  • Network communication data is fully encrypted and directly sent to intelligent hardware products by user terminals, effectively preventing private data from being discovered by hackers
  • Even in cloud transfer scenarios, Weline's super nodes only assist in packet forwarding between user terminals and intelligent hardware products, and cannot read or store encrypted content in the packets
  • Weline only stores necessary user account data for authentication, and does not store or obtain other user data

Global High-Speed and Free Access Capability

  • With the help of SDVN technology and Weline network service, users can access networked intelligent hardware products located anywhere on Earth anytime using Weline
  • 4K videos can be viewed smoothly with sufficient network quality
  • Global access capability does not require any configuration, public IP, or network technology knowledge

Ecological Economy

  • In Weline, each user can provide various resources for a fee to others in need, such as digital products created by individuals. Therefore, each Weline intelligent hardware product is not only a consumer level productivity tool, but also an ecological "store" that can stimulate creativity and fair trading

*Ecological Economy coming soon