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What is SDVN?

SDVN is a software defined virtual network that utilizes advanced technologies such as Multi code packet encryption, Multi layered, Network Slicing, DLT, and Next Hops on the basis of physical networks (internet and local area network) to build a globally distributed network infrastructure that provides secure, high-speed, and intelligent network communication services for all Web2/Web3 applications.

Vision of SDVN

  • Integration

Integrate all nodes on the real-world Internet, whether they are within the network or outside it, regardless of their physical location, network environment, or devices.

  • Reconfiguration

Reconfigure the globally connected virtual network on top of the Internet, providing a secure and high-performance open network associated with the real world.

  • Autonomy

Any application or individual can independently possess a fully autonomous private virtual network within the SDVN virtual network space.

Goals of SDVN

Global Virtual Network Connectivity

Through SDVN's DLT and virtual IP/domain, achieve global virtual addressing, positioning, and communication within the SDVN virtual network, independent of any technical or policy limitations. This forms a secure virtual network independent of the real Internet.

Programmable Sovereign Subnets

Using network slicing technology, any organization or individual can create fully sovereign virtual subnets, defining various attributes of the subnet (such as service content, objects, charging methods, etc.), and easily scale the network as needed.

Roaming in the Virtual Network Space

Users have unique identities and can freely access any open/authorized services or networks in the virtual network space. They can also authorize their identities and data for limited use by third parties.

SDVN Architecture


Development of SDVN