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What is Weline?

Goals of Weline

Weline aims to use SDVN distributed network technology to build an autonomous platform for "network data application", providing Web3 applications with a programmable, highly reliable, and scalable distributed network infrastructure, and extending it to various application scenarios such as centralized networks, identities, data, and computing, ultimately forming an internet economy ecosystem that spans the digital and physical worlds, is long-lasting, and owned by all participants themselves.

Weline is an Application

Through the integration of distributed networks and applications, Weline's series of hardware products create personal/home/enterprise data and network centers for users, enabling secure and reliable storage and circulation of personal and enterprise data in a decentralized network.

Weline is an Ecosystem

Weline aims to build an open community ecosystem of "Co-building, Co-sharing, Co-governance" together with all users and partners. Leveraging the globally interconnected distributed network, it creates value for every ecosystem participant.

Weline Architecture



Unbounded Interconnectivity

Breaking the limitations of traditional network communication technologies, enabling interconnectivity between users, applications, data, and hardware.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Communicate with various resources on Weline anytime, anywhere, without geographical restrictions.

Security and Reliability

High-strength encryption algorithms ensure secure data transmission and storage.

Cross-Platform Integration

Support for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.

Adaptability to Multiple Scenarios

Adapt to various application scenarios, including AIoT, ad-hoc networking, data storage, remote interaction, and other present and future scenarios.

Flexible Development

Providing various SDK integration solutions to enable developers to quickly deploy applications.

About Web3

All participants work together to create and build, share and govern. They are not only participants and builders of the Weline network, but also investors, owners, and value sharers of the network.


  • Distributed networks naturally have no center, and participants can also form private networks on their own as needed

  • Local or decentralized storage of data, ensuring that it is not monopolized by the central platform

  • The network and services are controlled by the owner group and fully autonomous


  • Military level encryption algorithm, providing high-strength communication security

  • DID and data authentication, granting users the autonomy to manage their identities and data

  • Localized data storage+encrypted communication+authorized reading, ensuring reduced opportunities for review


  • Cloud edge integration enhances network connectivity and communication speed

  • Customized private network allows organizations and individuals to flexibly establish their own Web3 applications

  • The SDK that is compatible with the entire platform facilitates the development of decentralized applications, allowing developers to focus on building product forms


  • Identity and data authentication, making data a tradable and tradable digital asset

  • Data creators can truly benefit from the circulation of digital assets